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The headquarters of Shaanxi Automobile Group Co. Ltd. (SHACMAN) is located in Shaanxi province of China.  SHACMAN produced the first heavy duty military off-road truck in 1968.  This innovation ended the history of artillery trucks for the Chinese military troops.  SHACMAN has since inception manufactured over 600,000 vehicles of different varieties, making great contribution to China national defense construction, developing the national economy and adding value to the entire society.  SHACMAN’s military truck has successively participated in the 35th, 50th, and 60th anniversary ceremonial military review on China national day.  SHACMAN military truck has also won series of awards by the state council and military commission of the CPC central committee in China.

Over four decades, SHACMAN has developed into one of the domestic large -scale automobile enterprise group with over 33,000 employees; covering an area of 6.2 million square metres and owning 29.2 million RMB total asset.  SHACMAN ranks 24 among Chinese top 500 mechanical enterprises.  SHACMAN  engages mainly in development, manufacture and sales of off-road vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, medium-duty, large and medium-sized coaches, medium and light-duty trucks, minivan, new energy  vehicles, heavy-duty axles, light axles, Cummins engines and automobile components etc. SHACMAN group are manufacturers of brands like SHACMAN, Eurostar, Huashan, Fujia and etc.

In 2011, SHACMAN sold 120,000 vehicles of various sizes, achieving sales revenue of 31,000 million RMB. Among the 100,000 heavy-duty trucks sold, 10,000 were exported to more than 150 countries world over.

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With over 45 years of manufacturing experience, SHACMAN has cultivated positive corporate culture and advance services, winning the world with virtue and best quality products.  The core value is people-orientation, via high-quality and excellent products. 

Winning the World with Virtue  

Leaders in Service Delivery


Success with Quality




Being a state-owned corporation, SHACMAN makes profit for the state while satisfying the end users with quality products.


To provide best services to its customers, SHACMAN built a service delivery system, pre-sale services, sales and after sale services. In order to deliver spare parts to the end users on time, SHACMAN built many sub-branches and spare parts centers in over 50 foreign countries.


Quality is an important survival feature for SHACMAN Group. SHACMAN produces good quality trucks from well informed feedback process from end users and a blend from the hard–work of its R and D center.


People-orientation is the guarantee of the entire staff. People-orientation requires SHACMAN to care about the overall benefit of the staff and often improve their welfare.

Pursuing Excellence

SHACMAN is the best truck manufacturer and the best service provider in China. SHACMAN hopes to become the biggest and the best commercial vehicles manufacturer by pursuing excellence.

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